Rodgers' exit

rodgers og meg.jpg

I am no fan of always blaming a manager when the results of a football club do not meet the expectations from the fans, club directors and owners.

However, sometimes a change of leader is what it takes to make a team pull better together and perform at it's best. Liverpool FC has lost some key players in Rogers' time and some good new signings have not worked as well in LFC as they have in other clubs... Some have been played out of their position and others seem to have played without the right passion and motivation.

And some obvious games should have been an easy win but ended up as an embarrassing loss and another disappointment. (I still can't get over the exit Gerrard got from the last two games he played for the club...) These are all summing up leader trouble or a mismatch between the manager and the team.

That doesn't necessarily make Rodgers a bad manager. Boy, that season in 2014 when we came second was a thrill of a journey with Rodgers where he made magic with the limited transfer budget and players he had (including one of the world's best players).

I will forever be grateful to Rodgers for the Make us Dream-ride. He came and brought that back to us. He also brought the passion and the hardworking mentality and made sure he knew - and communicated the Liverpool FC-history. The Liverpool way. He sure had studied the great Shankly and that was charming and inspiring.

He was also described as a good man to man manager.

But this wasn't enough. Liverpool can't end up as a mediocre club. It needs to stay within it's hard earned status as England's most winning team... That is some status to keep.

And unfortunately Rodgers wasn't the man to keep us at the levels of expectations of one of the most famous football clubs in the world. The margins are small in the world's biggest sport. I wish Brendan Rodgers all the best in his future path in the brave and extremely tough journey of being a manager.

Thank you for the good times! And I do believe he has built a team that can face a great near future with the right leadership. Hope FSG chose our next manager wisely! #Rodgers